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Subject: MARINE ENCOUNTER IVDISCLAIMER: This is a work of FICTION. It is NOT TRUE. Any resemblance
between any character and any real person is thoroughly and completely
accidental. This story contains scenes of sex between males. So you're
forewarned. If this story warps your sex-drive or your previously held
opinions, feelings or desires, then it has pussies preteens free been successful.This story is dedicated to a real member of the USMC who is my friend and
whom I care very much pre teen cfnm
about.Marine Encounter - Part IV
by RimPig (c) 2001After laying together for a while, we got up and took a shower
together. Shawn really loved my shower room and was especially enamored of
it in day-light with the sun streaming through the glass roof. We washed
each other and horsed around some in the shower and then we went out naked
onto the covered balcony overlooking the city and the beach and let the
warm air dry us naturally. I brought out preteen sport candid
more coffee onto the balcony and
we sat on tinny naked preteen the lounge chairs next to each other and watched the waves
rolling into the beach and the tourists gently roasting on towels and
blankets."So, soldier, acemodeling model preteen what do you want to do today?" I asked."Fuck you several more times." he grinned at me."Well...if you think you can get it up that often!" I grinned back. "But I
was referring to non- sexual activities.""I don't know. Just lying here and watching the ocean seems like enough for
now!" he said, reaching over and taking my hand, brought it to his lips and
gently kissed my fingers."I was thinking you'd like to see a movie and maybe go out to dinner?" I
suggested."Yeah, that sounds cool. I don't know what's playing though. And I haven't
been around long enough to know any good restaurants. And I'm sure you
weren't thinking of 12yr preteen models dining at the Golden Arches!" he laughed."No, I love bathing in the Golden Shower, but not eating at the Golden
Arches." petitepreteen nude models
I smoking preteen pics leered at him."Well, you keep pouring this coffee down me, and you'll get your shower
quicker than you expect!" he informed me."Well...I do have a movie I'd very much like you to see. I saw it last week
and just laughed my ass off! And I want to see it again. And don't worry, I
know every good restaurant in this town. You just tell me what cuisine you
want, and I know the best place free preteen amsterdam
to go." I assured him."Ok, but that's the problem. I don't think there's any kind of food I don't
like! Just so long as there's plenty of it!" he stated."Well, you're young, male and you're a Jarhead, so that's normal. I take it
you especially like large hunks of meat that are burned over an open
flame?" I suggested."Yeah! Now you're talking!" he enthused."Well, that settles that - Houston's it is for dinner. Best steak you can
get for the price." I stated."And what about this movie? What's it about?" he asked."I want that to be a surprise, Ok? I will tell you the name of it is SORDID
LIVES and two of the stars in it are Delta Burke and Beau Bridges. It is a
comedy. And that's all I'm going to tell you." I stated."Ok! Have your little secret. But if you're willing to see it for the 2nd
time, it must be good." he preteen supermodel photos said."It is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen." I promised him. "So what
do you want to do until then?""I don't know. Do you have anything you want to do?" he asked."Well, I would love to have you sit on my face and suck on your ass for a
few hours, but there's something important we need to discuss." I said with
a more serious look on my face."Important, huh? Is this good or bad?" he asked."I don't know. I guess it's all in how you look at it." I informed
him. "What I want to discuss," I continued. "Is where you are going to
sleep for the next preteen free ru month. I know you have a hotel room. How long did you
rent it for?""I only preteen toplist darkcollection rented it for a week. I figured I'd take it a week at a time -
whether I was going to stay in Ft. Lauderdale or go home." he said."Well, then you wouldn't be out much money if you moved out today and moved
your stuff in here for the rest of your leave." I stated." that what you REALLY want?" he questioned me. "You aren't
afraid you're setting yourself up to be hurt preteens beautiful again?""Yes. It is what I REALLY want!" I swore. "And I probably am setting myself
up - but I don't give a fuck! I can't put my walls back up with you
now. You've seen too much of the 'real' me. I figure at this point, if you
were going to run, you'd have done it hours ago." I hung my head at making
this admission.He reached over and lifted my chin with his hand."I'm not going anywhere, babe. I'm not going to take the chance that this
is naked preteen top
all a dream and I'll wake up alone again." he whispered and then he
pressed his closed lips to mine in a gentle, loving kiss.I looked into his eyes and saw there such love, but also still some pain. I
guess we both had naturist preteen angel
'baggage' that we needed to deal with. Old pain that
maybe we could cure black preteen boys in each other. At least I was more than willing to try."Ok, then let's get dressed and go get your stuff." I said, trying to
change the mood before I preteens stocking pix embarrassed myself by crying.But as dark site preteens I preteen fuking free stood up to go inside, Shawn blocked my path. He reached out an
put his hands on my shoulder."I want you to believe me when I tell you, I will never knowingly do
anything to hurt you. I really do care about you. I just want to make you
happy." he quietly told me. Then he pulled me forward and into his arms.That did it! I leaned my head on his muscular chest and the tears poured
from my eyes. And as I sobbed against him, he held me, stroking my hair and
gently kissing my head. After a few minutes, I managed to pull myself
together."I'm sorry." I apologized."For what, babe? All that pain has to come out sometime. Let me take it all
away from you." he murmured in my ear.I pulled back and looked into his beautiful emerald eyes."You know, I think you may be the one fun preteen model person who could do that!"At this, we sexy preteens nn
kissed gently and preteen porn insest
then he opened his arms and let me go.It only took us a little while to go to his hotel room and get his
stuff. There was really only a duffle bag full. I knew the hotel. It wasn't
gay-owned but was, you might say, "gay friendly". This means that most of
the people who work there and most of the people who stay there are gay. Or
very open-minded. In fact, the guy working the front desk turned out to be
the lover of an old friend of mine. While Shawn was packing up his gear, he
and I had a little conversation and Shawn was very surprised to find that
he got a refund on most of the un-used days he'd payed for.We took his things back to my apartment where I quickly moved some things
around in my closet and some drawers in my armoire so that preteen black nudes he had a place
to put his clothes. Finishing this, I suggested we walk down the beach little preteen creampies to a
little gay-run hotel I knew of and have lunch outside overlooking the beach
and A1A. Afterward, we took a walk down the beach and investigated some of
the shops. Finally, in the late afternoon, we ended up japanese preteensex back at the
apartment again, sitting naked on the balcony and watching the ocean.As each hour had passed, I noticed something about Shawn that I hadn't been
aware of before. He seemed to be more and more relaxed as time xxx preteen land went on. I
hadn't noticed the tenseness in him before, but as he began to let go of
it, it became noticeable. I was very gratified at this, knowing that
somehow he was becoming comfortable with me, with being in my place, with
us being together. As we sat, there was silence between us. Not the
uncomfortable silence of not knowing what to say but the comfortable
silence of nature girls preteen two people who knew each other well enough that continuous
conversation was no longer necessary.I decided I would take a short nap before we went out to dinner. preteen female twat I hadn't
really slept all that much last night, what with all the sex and the fact
that it had been a very long time since I had someone else sleeping in my
bed with me. I had no idea how difficult that was to get used to! But I
knew that it was something that I really wanted and just figured that I
would find a way to get used to it eventually. Certainly, it wasn't the
most awful thing to have to get used to - having a hard, warm Marine in
your bed!"Shawn," I said, "I'm feeling a little tired. I think I'm going in an take
a nap. You can lie here or do whatever you want. I preteen video panties
just like to get some
rest before we go out.""You know, that's sounds like a really good idea!" he preteen models hot answered. "Neither
one of us got much sleep last night thanks to your insatiable sex drive!"
he chuckled."MY SEX DRIVE!!!" I all but screamed. "This from a MARINE!!! It wasn't me
that decided at 4am that he wanted to get fucked!""No, that was you about 3:15 am!" he was almost falling off the lounge
chair now, he was laughing so hard."Ok. Have it your way! But I'm going to get some sleep!" I could barely
keep from falling over laughing myself as I wound my way towards the
bedroom.I was about to get into bed when I was hit from behind by a flying tackle
which carried this hunk of a Marine and me rolling onto the bed. I ended up
with him pinning my arms down to the bed from above me while he ground his
crotch into mine, all the while grinning like the cat who swallowed the
canary! For no explainable reason (he either decided to play "Dog" or that
my face had turned into candy) he began licking my face all over with his
tongue. I started with the tip preteens nn galleries of my nose, then moved onto my
forehead. Then he trailed down pantyhose girls preteens my right cheek and followed the line of my
jaw to where he was licking and lightly nibbling on my chin before going up
the left cheek and ending up on my forehead again. I thought he was done,
but no! Next he began licking all inside the folds of my ears and as far
into the ear canal as his tongue could reach and, while erotic, it also
tickled! I tried to squirm away from his aggressive tongue but there was no
escape from the Mad Licking Marine! (Or should I say: MAN Licking Marine?)
At any rate, after thoroughly cleaning out my ears with his tongue he again
looked down at me, grinning like a naughty little boy.I could do nothing at that point but grin back at him. It was like we had
both suddenly returned to childhood with the same innocense and fun of just
being together. We were no longer two naked adult males grinding out sweaty
bodies against each other as a prelude to intense sexual activity. We were
just two naked little boys, wrestling on the bed, having fun. 'Messing
Around' as I remember we called it then. Maybe little boys still do call it
that.Then he leaned down and I thought he was going to kiss me. But instead, he
did preteen female nymphets hairless preteen videos
something that no one had ever done to me before. He reached out his
tongue and began to lick inside each of my nostrils. Now, he'd already
licked the outside of my nose, but nobody had ever licked inside! It was a
very strange and yet very sensual feeling. At high heel preteens
first, I had what was
probably a lot of guy's first topless preteens nude
reaction to being rimmed for the nude dutch preteen first
time. But, after all, I quickly thought to myself, I loved sticking my
tongue up his ass and certainly loved it when he did it to me! What was my
problem with photos preteen pussy
this? Embarrassment that mania blue preteens he might find 'buggers' up there? He
must certainly know that was a possibility when japenese model preteen he went there in the first
place! I decided to preteen topless nudes stop thinking about this and just lay back and enjoy
it. It didn't really last that long. But is was probably the most intimate
thing a man had ever done to me!He drew back again, his arms straight and resting on his hands that still
held my wrists above my head, and looked down at me. It was like he was
memorizing my face or using his "X-Ray Vision" to look through me into my
very soul. It was a penetrating and intense stare. I lay there, grinning up
at him, wondering what was going to happen next.What happened next was nothing that I would have expected. He slowly
lowered himself, still gripping my wrists above my head, until my body was
covered with his and his face was buried in between my head and my left
arm. But upskirt nude preteens rather hardcore innocent preteens
than relax, I felt him go rigid and then I felt him
tremble. The next thing I knew, he was softly crying. I couldn't move my
hands to put my arms around him and so I moved my face closer until ukranian nude preteens I was
touching the side of his head. I didn't say a word, just slowly and preteen fantasy samples
rubbed my face against him.After a while, he calmed down. He turned his face towards me, his eyes
rimmed red and still glistening with his tears."Some Marine, I am!" his voice still husky with emotion. "Crying like a
baby!""I don't mind it. It shows a vulnerable side of you that I could definitely
fall in love with." I whispered. "Was it something I did?" I wondered out
loud."No! It was something I did!" he growled fucking preteen anal and then turned his face away, so
that it was pressed against the inside of my arm which he still held above
my head."Don't lock me out, Shawn. Please?" I begged him. "Don't turn away. Tell me
what's wrong."He let go of my hands, got up from on top of me, got off the bed and walked
over to the french doors leading to preteens image erotic the balcony. He opened them and stood
there in the doorway, looking out at the ocean. I didn't say a word. I just
got up off the bed and went over and stood next to him. I knew he would
tell me when he was ready."I was 17. It was before I got messed up with Cheryl - thai preteen or fell into here
trap is more like it. There was this guy named Tim. He was a junior and I
was a senior and the quarterback of the football team. He was a cute kid,
kind of short and slight with red hair and blue eyes. Almost unbelievable preteen pics
as deep as
yours. He kept working out and I knew he wanted to get on the football
team, but he was too small. I also knew that he liked me a lot. In fact, he
almost seemed to worship me, but I was too stupid at the time to realize
that he had the hots for me and was actually in love with me. I was too
lost in extreem preteen modelen my own confusion over what I wanted to really notice that about
him."Anyway, I kind of felt sorry for him - wanting to be on the team that bad
and all - so one day in the weight room, I started talking to him. You'd
have thought I'd just given the kid a million dollars they way he lit up! I
asked him about his workout routine and showed him some new exercises to
build up more muscle on him. I worked him hard, but he kept up with me. I
was impressed at his willingness."I finally called a halt to the workout and we hit the steam room
together. We continued to talk about the team and it was then I suggested
that even with his small build, there was one position he might be able to
fill on the team - the kicker. It was evidently something that he'd never
thought of and he got very excited. I guess his excitement was catching
because before you knew it, there we were, out on the empty football field
with me teaching him how to place-kick a football!"He seemed to have a natural aptitude for it, because before I knew it, preteen child bbs
was a member of the team. That was the year we went to the regional
championships. It was a very tough game. We were in the last quarter and
the game was tied. Their defensive line was made up of the biggest, ugliest
guys I'd ever seen in my life. They'd already managed preteen nonude hardcore
to sack me four
times. And I hadn't been sacked all year!"I couldn't get any closer than 35 yards innocent preteen virgins out when the clock ran down to
almost the end. We had one more play to run. I called our last time out and
went over to talk to Coach. I didn't think we could rush against this line
and reach the goal and by that time my arm was so sore from playing the
entire game that I couldn't trust it enough to control a pass down
field. There was only one hope to pull this one out without preteen lolta pics having to go
into overtime. A field goal. But we were on the 35 yard line which made it
a 40 to 45 yard field goal. Now, Tim was good. But he'd never been called
on to make a kick like this."Coach called Tim over and asked him if he thought he could do it. Tim said
he'd been practicing and had made several 45 yard goals. But that was in
practice. Not in a game situation. But Tim wanted to give it a try. I was
all for it, and told Coach that I'd hold the ball for him. Tim smiled up at
me when I said that. I didn't understand why, preteen puffy nipples until later."Well, not to drag this thing out, Tim made the winning goal. We won the
regional championship and everything naked posing preteens should have been great. And it would
have been except we were 300 miles from home and we had to stay overnight."We didn't have overnight stays after games normally. So when this came up,
since we were friends, Coach had assigned Tim and I to share a room. After
the win, we went out and celebrated. Some of us more than boy preteen pictures hot redheaded preteens
others. Some of
the guys had gotten beer and booze and there were several parties going on
back at the motel. I managed to get myself major blitzed and finally
stumbled back to the room."There had been a fuck up in the reservations and the room only had one
queen sized bed in it. Looking back now, it was kind of prophetic! Anyway,
I stripped like I was at home and climbed into bed naked. Tim was already
in bed asleep, so I figured it didn't much matter. Besides, we'd seen each
other naked enough times in the locker room and bbs best preteens showers. He was wearing
very tight white briefs which seemed to register on my brain as really sexy
looking. At least the fabric stretched across his tight ass looked sexy
because I started getting a major boner!"Now, that was a problem. I didn't exactly feel comfortable 'taking matters
in hand' with somebody else in the bed. So I lay there and preteen jp tried to go to
sleep. And I probably could have, except that Tim started to get restless
in his sleep and was moving around. He finally moved back so that his tight
little butt was crushed right up against my hardon! I didn't know what to
do, but I figured he was asleep so he wouldn't notice."I couldn't have been more wrong. The next thing nude kid preteen
I know, Tim is wiggling
that tight little bubble butt of his right up against my cock and my cock
is dripping cock-snot all down his ass crack through his briefs. How I was
going to explain that one, I didn't know. I just knew that I wanted him
right then more than anything else I'd ever wanted in the world. I wanted
to shove my cock up that ass and fuck him 'til I couldn't keep it up
anymore."Tim finally turned over. As I had suspected from his movements, he hadn't
been asleep. He looks down at my dripping dork and then looks right at me
and tells me 'You can fuck me if you want to. I'd love you to. I've always
wanted you to.'""I lost it then. I didn't care what happened. I was going to have him and
have him NOW! I pulled him against me and the next thing I know I've got my
mouth plastered against his and my tongue shoved half way down his
throat. I licked his body all over. I sucked his cock and I even ate his
hole - two things I'd never done in my life. I got so carried away, I ended
up licking his face and inside his nose, just like I just did to you. You
and Tim were the only ones I'd ever done that to in my whole life. That's
what brought all this back."He seemed to slump against the doorway, like he'd finally relieved himself
of an incredibly heavy burden. I waited preteens underaged portal for him to go on, but he seemed
unable to continue. He just stood there staring out at preteens kids pics the ocean. Finally,
I figured he needed help getting the rest out."So what happened between you and Tim?" I quietly asked him.His face grimaced and he seemed unable to speak for a few moments. Finally
he began again."I fucked him 'till I couldn't stand up! At least 5 times that night. And
when that wasn't enough, I sucked his cock and finally let him fuck me. It
was the models preteen ukrainia most wonderful experience I'd ever had in my preteens photo artunderage preteen child life up 'til then. I
knew that this was what I wanted, had always wanted and would always
want. I knew right there and then that there could never be anything more
passionate, more intense, more right than making love to another guy."That's something that I always loved about booze - its ability to bring
out your emotions while your brain was dead! I didn't think, I didn't
realize that there was a dawn coming where the light of day would remind me
that guys aren't allowed to think, feel or act this way with other guys. I
spent that whole night wrapped in the arms of another guy who loved me and
finally knew who I was, what I was and hungarian preteen sex what I really wanted out of
life. Nothing more than what I found in that queen sized bed in a preteen rusian pussy
motel that night. porn preteenboys The beautiful feeling of making love to a male that I
knew loved me. Too bad I just didn't die right there and then. I would have
been totally fulfilled and happy."He stopped again. He hung his head and tears started to roll down his
cheeks again. He swiped at them with the back of his hand and preteen spread legs walked out
onto the balcony and leaned on the balustrade. I moved with him, at first
concerned that he might do something stupid like jump. After all, we were
on the 24th floor. But when I walked up to him, he reached out and put his
arm around me pulling me to him. He wrapped both his arm around my
shoulders and leaned his head on me."You've got to promise me something or I can't finish this. You've got to
promise me that no matter what you hear, you won't hate me. Promise me you
won't tell me to leave." he begged."I won't hate you, no matter bikini preteen nudes what you did. I don't ever want you to leave
so there's no chance that I will tell preteens model x you to. Besides, it obvious to me
that no one could hate you as much as you hate yourself over this." I
answered.He hugged me tighter and then let me go. He walked further down the balcony
and sat down at a caf^

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